Sign the Petition to Save Saint Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai, Egypt

Saint Catherine’s Monastery is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. It is also famous for being the home of Prophet Muhammad’s covenant with Saint Catherine’s Christian monks in which he guarantees their protection and freedom under his rule.

Saint Catherine’s “is a UNESCO-Designated World Heritage Site. It has been a destination for international visitors for about 1500 years, and its residents extend to visitors those hospitalities for which Egypt is world-famous. It is also famed as a living symbol of interfaith tolerance and dialogue, which are so critical to peace, stability and prosperity in Egypt’s future. We need also to remember that the Prophet Muhammad called for the eternal protection of the Monastery and its inhabitants. For more information read John Andrew Morrow’s book ‘The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World’ and Joseph Hobbs’ book ‘Mount Sinai'” (author Joseph Hobbs).

I started this petition after hearing that Ahmed Ragai Attiya, a retired Egyptian army general has pushed for its closure.

Attiya has instigated 71 court cases against the monastery. Father Gregory of Jordan, who is based at Saint Catherine’s, was recently featured in a two-hour television broadcast with a sheikh from the Jebeliyah Bedouin to make the case for preserving the Monastery.


According Al Arabiya reports, Attitya claims that the Monastery was not historic but built in 2006, adding that the area had become a haven for “foreigners.” Attitya has called for deporting Saint Catherine’s Greek monks as he claimed that they jeopardize Egypt’s sovereignty and national security by flying a Greek flag and housing foreigners.

Signing this petition will help save Saint Catherine’s from destruction. It will also reinforce Prophet Muhammad’s appreciation and tolerance for Christians, as well as build bridges of understanding between Muslims and Christians.


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