If George Washington Ran Fox News, Bill O’Reilly Would be Fired for his Anti-Muslim Slurs

General George Washington would honor Muslim American veterans who have died in battle fighting for the US.
General George Washington would honor Muslim American veterans who have died in battle fighting for the US.

Author Richard Hine recently tweeted about my article on honoring Muslim American veterans on Memorial Day. Hine noted:

Tweet about Bill O'Reilly and anti-Muslim slurs
Tweet about Bill O’Reilly and anti-Muslim slurs

I agree with Hine. General Washington would not be happy with the Irish American Fox News commentator who has compared the Quran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Bill O’Reilly has historical amnesia or deliberately ignores the contributions that Muslims have made throughout American history. He is either ignorant of his own history or an outright bigot against Muslims.

Perhaps O’Reilly would benefit from reading my other articles on George Washington and Islam:

Revisiting the Connection Between Prophet Muhammad and George Washington: “When I published the article — An Unlikely Connection Between Prophet Muhammad and George Washington — I had little idea of the impact it would have on Muslims and non-Muslims. The responses to my article varied from people being elated about the comparison to others feeling outraged. While some were pleased to see the similarities between Muhammad and Washington, others were angered that I compared their hero to his ‘moral opposite.’ Despite all of this, I am keen to revisit the lives of the Prophet of Islam and the United States’ first president to further strengthen the bond between Muslims and non-Muslims. In this piece I focus on three other character traits and virtues shared by Muhammad and Washington: their interest in knowledge, their ability to avoid anger, and their demonstration of forgiveness.”

George Washington Was a Friend of Muslims: “George Washington’s birthday, celebrated annually on Febr. 22nd, is an opportunity to reflect upon his exemplary character and the example he set for future generations of Americans. While much is known about Washington’s military service and political career, less is known about his attitude towards religious freedom and his relationships with Muslims. Looking closely at his personal documents, letters, and activities, we can see that Washington was indeed a proponent of religious tolerance and a friend to the Muslims in his midst.”

An Unlikely Connection Between the Prophet Muhammad and George Washington: “Muhammad and Washington may seem like an unlikely connection, but in fact, they share strikingly similar biographies. Muhammad and Washington were students of history, restorers of justice and fierce warriors who led their respective nations through successful revolutions. Both men united a large swath of political territory and served as the founding father for two unprecedented social movements — Islam and the United States of America — whose universal ideals would both spread throughout the world respectively.”


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