Forget their Different Methods of Madness, ISIS and US Military Can Both be Brutal

Soon to be victims of ISIS execution (Left); Yemeni victims of US drone. What's the difference?
Victims of ISIS execution (Left); Yemeni victims of US drone bomb (Right). Both pictures result in the same outcome.

Don’t let the coverage of the media trick you into thinking that ISIS is somehow more brutal than the US military.

Who cares about their different methods of madness, whether it’s an “execution style” gun to the head or a bomb which drops depleted uranium on civilians. All of these acts are outrageous. Both ISIS rebels and American military personnel kill innocent people, even women and children, in order to gain the upper hand over their enemies. At the end of the day, their results are the same. Senseless killing.

Neither ISIS or the US military really cares about justice or bringing their enemies into a court of law. No matter the cost, they are only concerned with eliminating the perceived “bad guys.” They care about safeguarding their ideologies and only their ideologies by force. For both, it’s about power, money, and establishing a society which upholds their version of freedom.

In my humble opinion, ISIS people and the US military should travel to a far away planet so they can wreak havoc among themselves. Leave the rest of us alone. Some of us would like to live without ever seeing World War III.

A bunch of rebels fighting for a cause
A bunch of rebels fighting for a cause

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