Politician in Turkey Calls on Turkish Women to Stop Laughing in Public, Calling it “Immoral”.

A world without laughter? That would stink.
A world without laughter? That would stink.

First of all, HAHAHAHA and LOL.

In all seriousness though, this story is no laughing matter. Telling any person, let alone a woman, not to laugh in public is inhumane and stripping an individual of some of the joys of life including humor and friendship.

Imagine how strange and miserable life would be without laughter. Imagine that there was a “laughing police” to smack you on the head every time that you smiled or giggled. Or even worse, imagine the “laughing police” rounding you up and locking you away for having a good time.

No thanks. This idea is straight up silly.

Via The Guardian:

These are interesting times to be a woman in Istanbul. When deputy prime minister Bülent Arinç lectured women to refrain from laughing in public in an Eid al-Fitr address last week, women and men took to social media in protest.

Selime Büyükgöze of the Socialist Feminist Collective warned: “For Bülent Arinç, women mean family, women mean mothers, women mean housewives. Because politicians like him don’t accept any other option, they don’t refrain from such attacks. His words feed into the conservative vein in Turkey. It normalises the control over women and prepares the ground for violence against women and the murder of women.”

The government of Erdogan, who said in 2010 that he did not believe in equality between men and women, has done very little to tackle these issues. Instead, AKP politicians have repeatedly used misogyny to polarise and rally a conservative base around topics as various as abortion, gender-segregated schools and university dorms, kissing in public, rape, women working or the number of children women should have.

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