Intelligence Agencies Are Behind “False Flag” Paris Attacks, Reports Claim

Some people argue that the recent attacks in Paris are "false flag" incidents being used to implement a French "Patriot Act" Picture source: The Indy Channel
Some people argue that the recent attacks in Paris are “false flag” incidents being used to implement a French “Patriot Act” Picture source: The Indy Channel

The recent Paris attacks may have been a product of French and “foreign intelligence” agencies, according to several recent reports. The killings may be added to the long string of “false flag” attacks carried out by intelligence communities. A “false flag,” according to Global Research, is designed to:

… Carry out or facilitate a spectacular atrocity. Blame it on the enemy of choice. Issue a lie-infested official narrative, and have the corporate media repeat the lie. Rile up ignorant militant crowds, stoke the hatred, and war-mongering imperial policy planners and their criminal functionaries get what they want: war with the public stamp of approval.

The most striking example highlighting a potential “false flag” attack came out of a leaked email from Madame Rothschild, a member of the infamous Rothschild family, in which she claimed the “terrorist” attack was a “Mossad operation.” The email, sent to an editor of a website called Darkmoon.me on 11 January 2015, stated,

Muslims had nothing – I repeat, nothing – whatever to do with the carnage that took place in Paris last week… This whole event was organized in Brussels. Even Ahmed Merabet, the first French policeman purportedly shot dead, is actually not a Muslim at all: his real name is Avigdor, and his brother’s name is Maloch, recently changed to Melek – all of them crypto-Jews in the service of Israeli intelligence, i.e., Mossad agents.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the far right Front National, raised a similar “false flag” argument, suggesting in an interview with Komsomoskaia Pravda, a Russian newspaper, that the attack was the work of CIA or Mossad agents seeking to foment a war between Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe and elsewhere. Le Pen stated,

The shooting at Charlie Hebdo resembles a secret service operation but we have no proof of that … I don’t think it was organised by the French authorities but they permitted this crime to be committed. That, for the moment, is just a supposition.

Emblem of "Operation Gladio," part of NATO's "secret wars" Picture source: Wikipedia
Emblem of “Operation Gladio,” part of NATO’s “secret wars” Picture source: Wikipedia

It should come as no surprise that the CIA or other foreign intelligence agencies may be behind the Paris attacks. During the Cold War, NATO initiated “Operation Gladio,” a clandestine movement in Europe whose purpose it was to continue armed resistance against communists in the event of a Russian invasion of the European continent. One of Operation Gladio’s most famous pre-emptive attacks took place against the Italian communist party in 1972. Polling well in that year’s election, Italian communists suffered from a series of bombings designed to create tension in Italy and shift Italian politics sharply to the right.

French society has already shifted to the far right in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls recently said before France’s National Assembly, “We must respond to this exceptional situation with exceptional measures.” Since the killings were carried out, France declared “war” on terrorism and deployed 10,000 paramilitary policemen to the streets.

Speculation is fueling that the Paris attacks will be used for a new “Patriot Act à la française” — a reference to the US anti-terror legislation that was rapidly passed in the wake of the September 11th attacks. As The Verge discusses

[The] Patriot Act laid the groundwork for unprecedented government surveillance and warrantless data gathering, at the expense of civil liberties. Following last week’s violence, rights groups fear a similar fate may await France and other European countries, where overreacting to what was widely seen as an attack on free speech could curtail much broader freedoms.

Perhaps the most overlooked dimension of the Paris attacks is the apparent “suicide” of police commissioner, Helric Fredou.  The “official” story states that he shot himself in his office after meeting with a victims’ family member. Fredou was in the middle of helping investigate the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Media reports state that Fredou was suffering from “depression” and “burnout,” but no evidence is provided. “Depression and burnout,” as journalist Paul Craig Roberts pointed out to Newsmax, “are the standard explanations of mysterious deaths that have unsettling implications.”

Many people will dismiss all of this as a “conspiracy theory,” which, according to Roberts, “merely proves that government has successfully brainwashed insouciant [people] and deprived them of the ability to recognize the truth.”

Other people may raise the important question of whether an intelligence agency would stage a “terror” attack to give justification for new foreign policies.

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