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Beheadings and Terrorism Makes You A Man of “Wisdom” and “Vision”?

"Wisdom" and "Vision" Source: Presstv
“Wisdom” and “Vision” in Saudia Arabia Source: Presstv

In a recent message posted to his Twitter account, US Secretary of State John Kerry praised the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as “a man of wisdom and vision.”

Kerry wants you to believe that King Abdullah was a role model for morality and human rights, when, in all honesty, he was the godfather of terrorism and a master of brutality and brainwashing.

Under the reign of Abdullah, Saudi Arabia, a top American “ally” in the “war on terror,” has beheaded 10 people since the beginning of 2015. The most recent victim, Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, a Burmese woman, had her head chopped off with a sword in Mecca weeks ago after being dragged through the streets and held down by four police officers, the Independent reports. This event is not an isolated incident, as beheadings in Saudi Arabia have reached record levels.

Remember how beheadings were used in the summer and fall of 2014 to legitimize the expansion of the US’s imperialist agenda in Iraq and Syria? The Islamic State, Washington told us, was barbaric because they were beheading “Western journalists.” The Islamic State continues to be held up for its barbarity, but the Saudis most likely have them beat in terms of the total number of beheadings.

Ironically, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State have frighteningly striking similarities including public executions and floggings, ethnic cleansing, and a draconian social and legal system which brainwashes, represses, and terrorizes its own people.

Islamic State, also known as the the crazy child of the Saudi State
Islamic State, also known as the the crazy child of the Saudi State

The US State continues to hold off any major public criticism of the Saudis, despite the classified “28 pages” implicates the Saudi state and other foreign governments in the 9/11 attacks. So why hasn’t the US bombed them or invaded their territory?

It is also worth noting that the US State Department, in previous years, has omitted any statistic or reference to beheadings in Saudi Arabia. It does not say why.

Imagine if more journalists and media outlets actually did their job and showed some consistency in reporting beheadings. Maybe then will people begin to seriously question the US’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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