Comparing Bias Media Coverage of “Terrorism” in Light of Denmark and Craig Hicks Attack

Copyright @CraigCons

The top 2 images are from yesterday’s attack in Denmark. CNN and FOX were quick to jump on the “terror” label in order to manipulate how people think about “terrorists,” i.e. to think of them as Muslims and in light of the “war on terror” threat around the “Muslim world.”

The bottom 2 images are from last week’s murder of three Muslim students by a white atheist. The term “shooting” replaces the word “terror,” which is conveniently left out even though Craig Hicks’ anti-Muslim stance and political aspirations are well-documented.

The image on the bottom left, I should add, is completely ridiculous, as it tries to humanize Hicks by painting him as someone with a “soft heart.” We are persuaded to see him as a “crazy” person and not a “terrorist.”

I wrote yesterday in “The Most Accurate, Anti-Establishment Definition of ‘Terrorism'” about how “terrorism” is being used as a propaganda term to manufacture anti-Muslim sentiment, which in turns “justifies” worldwide military adventures to extract natural resources from weaker, Muslim-majority countries. Many Muslims worldwide have agreed with this definition.

No wonder there is so much hatred and misunderstanding around us. We are being programmed to think in a certain way about certain events and groups of people. Violence and bigotry will continue until people start reading the media not as “facts” or “news,” but rather propaganda, as I touch upon in The Spectacular Achievements of U.S. Propaganda Against Islam: A Review of Noam Chomsky’s ‘Media Control.'”

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