Cited in “Terrorists Have Abandoned Islam”

A new Dallas Morning News piece by Huma Munir cites my article “Religious Pluralism and Civic Rights in a “Muslim Nation”: An Analysis of Prophet Muhammad’s Covenants with Christians.” Munir wrote the following:

The Quran says that Prophet Muhammad was sent as a mercy to mankind. During his prophethood, Christians and Jews were granted full protection and freedom of religion. In fact, a recent study by Rice University translated old Islamic manuscripts. According to the study, the manuscripts showed that the Prophet Muhammad “desired a pluralistic society in which citizenship and equal rights were granted to all people regardless of religious beliefs and practices.”

But despite evidence of peaceful history between Muslims and people of other faiths, the terrorists continue to make a mockery out of my faith. And as they continue to do that, some politicians in the United States are more than happy to play into the hands of the ISIS narrative.

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One thought on “Cited in “Terrorists Have Abandoned Islam”

  1. Gee, another proponent of another brand of fantasy Islam coming out with that doctored quote about “taking one innocent life is like killing the entire mankind…” etc (see the previous post for details).

    It’s almost as if they were trying to dupe us, isn’t it?


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