Muslim Woman in NYC Lit on Fire – This is Why We Say “Islamophobia is Racism”

This is why we say “Islamophobia is racism.” A Muslim woman walking on the streets of NYC was literally lit on fire by a “stranger.” She was targeted based on her “traditional clothing,” or her physical appearance. Her body was used as a “text” of sort to categorize, label, and demonize. Her article of clothing – inextricably tied to her body and sense of self – was then used as a marker to commit an atrocious act of violence. Dots were connected between a body and Islam. The madman imagined her as a monster, and thought that he must set her on fire because of what she represented in his brain – whatever that might be. What we have here is a classic case of “cultural racism,” whereby people judge people’s physical appearance (the body, cultural symbols, articles of clothing, etc) and later judge and imagine an entire group of people as somehow representing an essential, static, backward, or potential dangerous religious or cultural identity. That is “cultural racism” at its finest. And that is why we say “Islamophobia is racism.”

6 thoughts on “Muslim Woman in NYC Lit on Fire – This is Why We Say “Islamophobia is Racism”

  1. People would have called David and Elijah phobic regarding Baal worshipers. That would not make the people saying phobic right. Muslims are like the Baal worshipers allowing and doing the same things. Racism is a satanic lie. All are one race.


  2. If it’s Islamophobia when these two thugs attacked a Muslim woman, what is it called when the same two guys attack a white woman, and also a Hispanic woman?

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