A Letter After the Christmas Market Attack in Berlin

I received this message on Instagram after the Christmas Market attack in Berlin, Germany.

[Dear Dr. Considine],

I do not know if you read messages/reply to them. I just want to talk to someone who is educated enough (and obviously you are) on what I am going to say.

I am a Muslim living in Berlin for a few months and just an hour ago a terror attack had taken place in one of the Christmas markets. Before even finding the suspect… people as usual started claiming that it must be a Muslim. I do not usually read anyone’s comments, but I passed by some by chance and I literally cannot describe how much people are talking out of ignorance.

They have no idea what they are talking about. I doubt they even know what Islam is, and yet they talk, and that talk spreads all those nonsense ideas and so-called facts about the religion of Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

I know things like that have been happening for so long since 9/11.

And it is not something new…

But I do not know what can someone possibly do in order for this to change. Some say it is just politics and media that make up those things for their own benefit.

I mean… it is like every time you actually have hope that people are starting to really understand this religion and its true message and how peaceful it is… You see that they are respecting it and finally the world can be a better, peaceful place for everyone to live together and coexist, no matter what their beliefs are. It is just that something happens and takes away every positive thought you had.

I am sorry for the long message. I am just so furious and disgusted by how the world is messed up.

I wanted to ask you, how can someone actually deal with those who refuse to see the truth and the facts? How can you change the world?

I really hope you can reply.

Thank you anyway.

[Anonymous Instagram follower]

3 thoughts on “A Letter After the Christmas Market Attack in Berlin

  1. Constant ignorance after ignorance. Especially people with degrees. Most ignorant comments come from christians. What a shame.
    An attack of any kind by anyone is heart breaking.
    To generalize and persecute a religion or culture for it the most ignorant thing to do. But I guess you have to do what media tells you to.


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