9 People Who Defended The Rights Of Muslims In 2016

I am honored to be among the individuals and communities recognized by Mvslim for taking a stand against Islamophobia in 2016.

Mvslim is an ambitious forum created by millennials that are transforming our world today. They inspire the next generation to aim for the extraordinary. Tamim Mobayed, a Mvslim contributer, wrote:

Irish American Dr Craig obtained his Ph.D. from Trinity College Dublin, having examined experiences of young Pakistani men living in Dublin and Boston, and currently holds a teaching position at Rice University in Houston Texas. Followers of Dr Craig regularly enjoy his social media posts, as well as his articles, publishing regularly on his personal site as well as for publications such as the Huffington Post. It is always humbling witnessing this devout catholic defending Islam in such an impassioned and affectionate way. His advocacy for the religion goes well beyond promoting tolerance; his love for the religion comes through readily and he really is a great friend to Islam and Muslims.

Other individuals and communities listed include: Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York City; Michael Moore, filmmaker; and the Canadian Parliament.

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