Library Availability for Islam, Race, and Pluralism in the Pakistani Diaspora

Harvard University library

Last updated November 13, 2017

Thank you for showing interest in Islam, Race, and Pluralism in the Pakistani Diaspora. If you are reading this post, you are likely to be interested in reading the book. Below is a list of library locations where the book can be accessed. It is available in either hardcover or e-book. The locations of the book are predominantly academic institutions around the US and Western Europe, but Islam, Race, and Pluralism in the Pakistani Diaspora can also be found in the national libraries of the US and Scotland, as well as academic institutions around the world. If you find the book in a library which is not listed below, please leave a comment and I will add the library. Thank you.


Allegheny College (?)

Amherst College (e-book)

American University (hardcover)

American University of Sharjah (UAE) (?)

Australian National University (e-book)



Baylor University (e-book)

Berry College (e-book)

Boston College (e-book)

Broward College (?)

Brown University (hardcover)


Cal Tech University (e-book)

Cambridge University (e-book)

Central Michigan University (?)

Christopher Newport University

Colgate University (hardcover)

Columbia University (hardcover)

Concordia University of Edmonton (?)

Cornell University  (hardcover)


Danville Community College Library

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (?)

Duke University (e-book)



Florida State University (?)

Fordham University (?)


George Mason University

Georgia State University (hardcover)


Harvard University (hardcover)

Harvard University – HCL Technical Services

Howard University (?)


Indian University (hardcover)

Institute for Defense Analyses Library (Alexandria, VA) (?)


J Sargeant Reynolds Community College (Downtown Campus)

Jacobs University Bremen – Germany (?)


Kent State University (e-book)

Kenyon College (hardcover)


Library of the Marine Corps (?)

London Metropolitan University (?)

Longwood University

Loyola Marymount (e-book)


Marquette University (e-book)

McGill University (e-book)

McGill University (Westminster College) (e-book)


National Library of Australia (e-book)

New York Public Library System (?)

New York University (hardcover)

Northeastern University (e-book)

Northeastern Illinois University (e-book)

Northwestern University (hardcover)

New York Institute of Technology – College of Osteopathic Medicine (?)


Ohio State University (e-book)

Old Dominion


Paris Sorbonne – Institute Géographie (hardcover)

Patrick Henry Community College

Princeton Theological Seminary (?)



Radford University

Rice University (hardcover)

Richard Bland College

Rogers State University (e-book)


Scotland – National Library of Scotland (hardcover)

Southern Illinois University (?)

Stanford University (hardcover)

Stetson University

St. Thomas University (Miami) (e-book)

Sweet Briar College

Syracuse University (?)


Texas A&M (hardcover)

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Libraries

The Claremont Colleges (Claremont University) (?)

The College of Wooster (hardcover)

Transylvania University

Trinity College Dublin (e-book)


Universität Marburg, Zentralbibliothek (Germany) (e-book)

Université d’Ottawa (e-book)

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Universiti Malaysia Sabah

University of Alabama (e-book)

University of Alberta (e-book)

University of California – Berkeley (?)

University of California – Irvine (e-book)

University of California – Merced (?)

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (?)

University of Colorado – Denver (hardcover)

University of Delaware (e-book)

University of Iowa (hardcover)

University of London – School of Oriental and African Studies (e-book)

University of Manitoba (e-book)

University of Marburg – Germany (?)

University of Memphis (e-book)

University of Michigan (hardcover)

University of Minnesota (hardcover)

University of Mount Olive (?)

University of New Mexico – Valencia (e-book)

University of Pennsylvania (hardcover)

University of Pittsburgh (e-book)

University of Tennessee (hardcover)

University of Texas (hardcover)

University of Toronto (hardcover)

University of Queensland (e-book)

University of Malaysia – Kelantan (?)

University of Malaysia – Sabah (?)

University of Virginia

University of Wollongong – Dubai (hardcover)

University of Wyoming (?)

USA – Library of Congress (hardcover)


Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Military Institute

Virginia Tech

Virtual Library of Virginia


Wesley College – Melbourne (?)

Wesleyan College

West Virginia University at Parkersburg  (?)

William & Mary

Williams College (hardcover)



Yale University (hardcover)


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