Trump Promotes Christian Extremism and White Supremacy on Twitter

Once again, Donald Trump has legitimized Christian extremism, White supremacy and the far-right by retweeting anti-Muslim videos posted by Britain First. a far-right extremist political organization based in the U.K.

In recent years, Britain First has threatened “militant direct action” against Muslims. The group also operates a “defense force” and gives anti-Muslim activists “self-defense training” on camping retreats.

The President of the US, arguably the most powerful person in the world, just promoted a fascist and extremist hate group. Let that sink in.

One retweeted video shows a Muslim man destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary. The video, however, overlooks some basic points. The Qur’an states that God has chosen the Virgin Mary above the women of all nations. Mary is mentioned more times in the Qur’an than in the New Testament. In fact, she is the only women mentioned in the Qur’an. Many Muslims revere her as a woman of purity and righteousness.

Britain First has conducted “Christian patrols” in Tower Hamlets in East London. Around a dozen or so Britain First activists recorded themselves holding a banner proclaiming “We Are The British Resistance” and emptying beers can outside a mosque to bait Muslims into a confrontation (this occurred in February 2014).

Months later, in May 2014, members of Britain First invaded ten mosques in Bradford, as well as ones in Glasgow, Luton and East London. They handed out Army Bibles and proselytized Christianity. One member is on record stating: “reject the false prophet Muhammad and read the Bible.”

Trump’s spreading of hatred has consequences. Thomas Mair, the extreme rightwing terrorist, shouted “Britain First” before killing the MP Jo Cox during the EU referendum last year. Her widow, Brendan Cox told Trump: “[you] should be ashamed of yourself.”

One thought on “Trump Promotes Christian Extremism and White Supremacy on Twitter

  1. I knew during the election when the Neo-Nazis and KKK announced support for Trump that there was something amiss because Trump weakly claimed he didn’t need their support. Now he is showing his true colors! This man is a racist and I fail to understand why a POTUS would feel the need to comment on everything via Twitter. Obviously, he does not think before he tweets OR speaks. He also seems NOT to realize that he’s supposed to be president of ALL Americans just not a few. Bottomline…America continues to decline!! Why can’t we have a REAL leader in this country instead of amateurs and the corrupt???


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