New Book Presents Facts About U.S. Muslims

Muslims in America: Examining the Facts by Dr. Craig Considine

By Amy McCaig of Rice University News and Media

A new book from a Rice University sociologist responds to stereotypes of and misinformation about Muslims in the United States from the time of the trans-Atlantic slave trade to the present day.

Muslims in America: Examining the Facts” (ABC-CLIO, 226 pages, $63) presents evidence-based documentation to provide a full and impartial examination of American Muslims. Author Craig Considine, a lecturer of sociology, reviews the history of American Muslims’ settlement and integration into the U.S.; explores the prevailing social, political, cultural and economic characteristics of American Muslims and their communities; and studies the ways in which Muslims’ experiences and beliefs intersect with various notions of American national identity.

Considine examines and critiques the leading social and political narratives surrounding American Muslims and the religion of Islam, including false or malicious claims about Muslims’ actions and beliefs regarding 9/11, terrorism, jihad, sharia and other significant issues.

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