Video: Demystifying Islamophobia in the Age of Trump – A Conversation Between Khaled Beydoun and Craig Considine

Dr. Craig Considine and Professor Khaled Beydoun hold a conversation titled “Demystifying Islamophobia in the Age of Trump” at Rice University in Houston, Texas

Source – Islamophobia Resistance Campaign: “Demystifying Islamophobia in the Age of Trump: A Conversation” took place at Rice University on March 7, 2019, in which scholars Dr. Craig Considine and Professor Khaled Beydoun engaged in an interactive conversation with members of the Rice community and beyond.

The conversation focused on the dynamics and responses to anti-Muslim racism in modern U.S. society, including the roots of Islamophobia and what the Muslim community and Muslim allies can do to combat such prejudices. Bedyoun and Considine shared the main findings from their most recent books and deconstructed many of the most damaging popular stereotypes that drive today’s prevailing discourse surrounding Muslims.

Beydoun was also available for a book signing on his latest book, American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear, while Considine’s upcoming book “Islam in America: Exploring the Issues” is set to be released in summer 2019. Considine’s previous book, Muslims in America: Examining the Facts, was published in July 2018.

Thank you to Dr. Considine and Professor Beydoun for their time and participation and to the audience for their engagement and insightful questions! For those who were unable to come, a live streaming is also available on Considine’s Facebook page.



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