Muhammad, Humanity, and Christian Religiosity

Craig Considine
Craig Considine

Greetings of peace to those of you who are new to this page (and peace to those who have been here for a while). Every now and then it is important for me to make this kind of post, as there seems to be some questions around who I am, what I stand for, and what I hope to accomplish with this page.

I am the descendant of Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, but I consider my religion to be “humanity.” When it comes time for me to “practice religion” and worship God, I roll with Catholicism. I was baptized in 1985, reared in the Catholic church, and raised by families that revered saints.

With that said, I do not think that any single religion or faith has a monopoly on the truth. I think that it is imperative to recognize that the truth can be found in many, if not all, religious traditions.

Over the years I have learned a great deal about the Islamic tradition, primarily through scholarship and academia, but also through the homes, places of worship, businesses, and communities in which Muslims live and thrive around the world. Islam has helped me to think about our Creator in constructive and fresh ways. It has also helped to guide me in life and provide me with a deeper understanding of humanity itself.

Prophet Muhammad is someone who I have come to greatly admire, so much so that I am one of the few Christians that considers him to be a prophet. My reverence for him, however, does not mean I am interested in converting or that I am on the verge of converting. That is not my calling. That is not why I am here.

Though I do not do it purposely, I challenge conventional wisdom of Christianity and Islam and push the boundaries of what it means to be Christian, Muslim, and human. On a higher level, I believe in spreading knowledge for the sake of compassion, peace, and love.

With this page I hope to liven spirits, build bridges across perceived religious divides, and challenge rigid understandings of the human experience as well as religion itself. Hopefully my ideas and words chip away at ignorance, arrogance, fear, and darkness at large.


5 thoughts on “Muhammad, Humanity, and Christian Religiosity

    1. Dear Scientific Christian; the Arabic language is up to you how you like to analyze it in your heart.
      I,M a muslim that verse could apply to me if I lived just eating drinking& all about me .I`m than less than animal .
      Paying JIZYA is taxes. and its only in my opinion almost five hundred million percent less than practicing muslim.


      1. If you, as a Muslim, drink, you’re just considered an infidel. However, a Christian like me doesn’t need to drink to be considered an infidel. By simply being a Christian, I already qualify as an infidel. This is quite concerning.

        As for the jizya, it’s obviously not “just taxes”. It’s an additional tax that only applies to minority religions under Muslim states for simply being Christian or Jewish. In other words, we have to be taxed for disagreeing with the ruling Muslims.

        “and its only in my opinion almost five hundred million percent less than practicing muslim.”

        I’m not sure how this justifies totalitarianism.


  1. To claim your religion is humanity is as meaningless as claiming “my religion is science” or “my religion is nature” or “my religion is football”. It is the sort of thing an atheist might say with equal justification.

    You have ignored the claims to metaphysical accuracy and exclusivity at the heart of both Christianity and Islam, picking the bits you like of both traditions to make your own meta-religion. Its name is Considinism and its prophet is Craig Considine.


  2. Dear Scientific Christian. as I pointed before the Arabic language its up to your conscious and heart how you wanted to absorb and analyze our CREATOR TEACHING to live our life in harmony peace serving humanity like DR CONSIDIN BLESS his open heart and knowledge and submission .
    AS far the meaning of the word KAFIR or infidel is:over look or ignore something that I could take the responsibility to fixe it repair it take taxes JIZYA from the rich and feed the poor whoever they are human animals ect.NOT BEIN ENVIROMENTAL CONSCIOUS that is INFIDEL. NOT Thanking you is INFIDAL .


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