Inspired by Prophet Muhammad – Interview With “Muslims 4 Peace”

Representatives of Muslims 4 Peace, an organization that aims to bridge people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds through interfaith activities, interviewed Dr. Considine on a range of topics including (but not limited to) the life and legacy of Prophet Muhammad and effective ways of engaging in interfaith work. The interview was conducted in February 2020 at the 14th Annual Interfaith Prophet Muhammad Conference at Rutgers University. Below is the full interview and a picture gallery of the event.


One thought on “Inspired by Prophet Muhammad – Interview With “Muslims 4 Peace”

  1. Dear DR Considine.\
    Please stay safe .May Allah keep you will and all his creation and make us love for each other what we love for our self .I love you DR Considine and love what your doing to serve our creator .GOD bless you and keep you blessed .


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