Order “People of the Book – Prophet Muhammad’s Encounters with Christians”

What can Prophet Muhammad’s encounters with ancient Christians teach us about today’s relationship between Christianity and Islam?

More than you may think, according to Rice University’s Craig Considine, a lecturer of sociology. He examines these interactions in his newest book, People of the Book: Prophet Muhammad’s Encounters with Christians.

Considine describes the book as biographical in nature, taking readers on a journey of Muhammad’s life through his interactions with Christians in the Arabian Peninsula. As he explores these relationships in a sociological manner, Considine considers the respective beliefs of the people Muhammad encountered, including how they felt about Jesus and Christianity as a whole.

Throughout his life Prophet Muhammad met with Christian monks, merchants, allies, bishops, prophets, nations and statesmen. These encounters allow us to reflect upon the intersections of Christianity and Islam and the different kind of Christian communities in Muhammad’s midst. But more importantly, Muhammad’s relationships with Christians provide sociological and theological insight on how today’s Christians and Muslims can bridge the gap to resolve conflicts around the world.

Read more from Amy McCaig of the Office of Public Affairs at Rice University News and Media Relations.

Depending on your location, People of the Book – Prophet Muhammad’s Encounters with Christians is available to purchase on the following websites:


United States of America (Pre-Order – Available September 15th) –, Oxford University Press, or Christian Book

United Kingdom of Great Britain – Hurst or Blackwell’s

Turkey –

Pakistan – Readings

India –

Iran – Torob and Libsan

United Arab Emirates –

Singarpore – Kinokuniya

Nigeria –

Germany – Dussman the KulturKaufhaus

France – and FNAC

Norway – Bokklubben

Italy –

Australia – Tales or Abbey’s

Poland –

Spain –

The Netherlands – Bol

Taiwan –

New Zealand – Mighty Ape

Ghana –

Bahrain –

Kenya –

Moldova – Elefant

Hungary –


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