My Few Words on the :atest Crisis in Gaza

I’ve watched the news. I’ve read all kinds of news sources.  I’m disgusted, upset, and frustrated. I can’t even stomach the hate and ignorance I see in people. It’s not easy to bite my tongue, but I do it anyways. On several occasions,  I’ve written entire posts on how I feel about the situation, but every…… Continue reading My Few Words on the :atest Crisis in Gaza


Personal: Getup in fall 2012


Year 2 of Ph.D. complete!

At least this’s true as it concerns the two terms of teaching, which just finished as of yesterday here at Trinity College Dublin. It’s safe to say that it has been a successful academic year for me.  I have accomplished things I never imagined I would carry out.  I have grown not only as a student…… Continue reading Year 2 of Ph.D. complete!