Beautiful mosque in Istanbul

It’s a true shame I can’t remember its name, but like most mosques in Istanbul, this one was beautiful.  The best part of the visit was the complete silence (though that really doesn’t come across in this video).  Strangely, you will also notice the banging going on in the background.  I feel like it’s well…… Continue reading Beautiful mosque in Istanbul


Clarinet in an Istanbul stairwell

I was in Istanbul, Turkey for New Years 2012. One evening, whilst staying in a hostel in the ‘Old City’, a few of us were hanging around when a local young man, who happened to be living at the hostel, decided to play us a tune on his clarinet. Notice the slow pace in which…… Continue reading Clarinet in an Istanbul stairwell


One of my favourite films: ‘Baraka’

Baraka, a word which means ‘blessing’ in a multitude of languages (it’s also a Sufi word which means ‘breath of life’), is a film directed by Ron Fricke in 1992. Why do I like ‘Baraka’ so much?  Perhaps it’s because it has absolutely no story line, or at least not an overt one.  The film…… Continue reading One of my favourite films: ‘Baraka’

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Doolin, Ireland as you’ve never seen it before

If you’re a Ph.D. student, like myself, you know how precious free time is, and you know how infrequently you find it.  One of my adjustments for year two of the Ph.D. process is to find, and indeed make, time for myself away from the critical thinking, writing, and fieldwork.  It hasn’t been easy, but…… Continue reading Doolin, Ireland as you’ve never seen it before