Ron Paul: They Hate Us Because of Our Global Military Footprint

During the Sept. 12, 2011, Republican presidential debate in Tampa, Ron Paul  — a staunch advocate of limited government and a more modest military footprint — offered a surprising statistic about the reach of the US armed forces. In fact, the US’s military footprint is more extensive than Paul had thought. Read about it at Politifact.…… Continue reading Ron Paul: They Hate Us Because of Our Global Military Footprint

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Port, an Abandoned Irish Famine Village in Donegal

In all my travels, Port, Donegal was one of the most magical places that I’ve ever been. Port has been called “the most remote and least visited corner of Ireland.” The nearest neighbors are three miles up the road. I’m still surprised that we even found it considering that you can take only one road to get there.…… Continue reading Port, an Abandoned Irish Famine Village in Donegal


Documentary: What Studying Prophet Muhammad Taught Me About Islam

A short documentary on what studying Prophet Muhammad has taught me about Islam. I filmed this footage during Mawlid E Nabi in 2013 at Anwar al Madina, a Sufi mosque in Dublin, Ireland. A special thanks goes out to the Irish Sufi Foundation and to my friend Mia Manan Hameed. Please make sure to switch the…… Continue reading Documentary: What Studying Prophet Muhammad Taught Me About Islam

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I took this picture at Anwar al Madina mosque on Dublin’s northside during Mawlid 2013.


Picture of sunset published in Boston.com

A picture I snapped of a sunset in Dover, Massachusetts has recently been published by Boston.com, an affiliate of The Boston Globe and The New York Times. See the picture at Boston.com  


A walk on a not so dark day in Dublin

These pictures were snapped in the beginning of 2013 while walking around my old stomping ground: The Liberties in Dublin. Dublin can seem like a very dark place at times. In this gallery, I tried to tease out the bright lights as best as I could.


And that was all heaven said

“I saw only the noble earth on which I was born, with the great Star which warms and enlightens it. I saw the clouds that hang their significant drapery over us. It was Day— that was all Heaven said.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson This was taken as I flew over Ireland in the wee hours…… Continue reading And that was all heaven said


“To go forward is to move towards perfection” – Khalil Gibran

Taken while hiking An Spinc (“Pointed Hill”) in Glendalough, Ireland in 2011. That’s me in the picture.


Pictures of Beautiful Churches in Europe

Here’s a collection of pictures I’ve taken over the years in traveling throughout Europe. The churches range from Catholic, to Protestant, to Greek Orthodox in Italy, Greece, Spain, and Ireland. Below you will see massive cathedrals in major cities but also little parishes in the middle of nowhere. I hope to add to this gallery as…… Continue reading Pictures of Beautiful Churches in Europe


“Springtime of lovers”

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Carry beauty

Flying into Dublin over a year ago, our plane glided through a majestic sky that was truly awe inspiring. I use a quote from Boston native Ralph Waldo Emerson, a transcendental philosopher, poet, and humanitarian for inspiration.


Two of my street art photographs published by The Guardian (England)

The Guardian Witness has a new assignment called Public Art. Whether it’s a traditional statue or graffiti on the wall of an underpass – public art is all around us. But is it always good? Public art can be controversial, the latest proposed occupant of the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square is a recent…… Continue reading Two of my street art photographs published by The Guardian (England)


Saudi American woman pays artful tribute to victims of Boston bombings

Last night I attended the “Muslim Women in the Arts” exhibit at the American Islamic Congress on Newbury Street in Boston. The featured artist was Nada Farhat, a women originally from Saudi Arabia, currently living in Boston. Farhat describes her art as “really a kind of healing soul… My art is who I am… Paint…… Continue reading Saudi American woman pays artful tribute to victims of Boston bombings


Pictures of visit to Istanbul

I visited Istanbul, Turkey, over 1 year ago, but I’m just now adding them to the blog. Istanbul is a remarkable city with tons of history and culture. I made it to all the key historic spots including the Hagia Sophia (my favorite), all the main mosques, Topkapi Palace, and managed to catch a ferry…… Continue reading Pictures of visit to Istanbul


Personal: The struggle of writing

Ah, the life of a writer. You design your piece this way and that. You manage to find a framework which you think can work. You plow through the keyboard and think what you have is great, only to have someone else read it and realize that it’s actually crap. So you work through your…… Continue reading Personal: The struggle of writing


Film-work: How do you feel when watching “Nothingness”?

What are your feelings when watching this? Are you happy or sad? Motivated or depressed? Something totally different? I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments section.  Thank you. Related articles Film-work: “Nothingness” (short film based in Ireland) (drcraigconsidine.wordpress.com)


Creativity: Is science more beautiful than art?

The image above is of a field of crescent-shaped dunes in the northern polar region of Mars. Each dune is about 100 metres across. The image was captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, released in July 2012. As suggested by Jonathan Jones in the Guardian, it is science, not art, ‘that now provides the most…… Continue reading Creativity: Is science more beautiful than art?


Music: One For The Road


Film-work: Interviews at Os Gemeos ‘boogey man’ mural

What does that thing on the wall mean to people? Is it a terrorist? The Taliban? A Muslim spy? Or is it just a piece of art? Is it a character from the Simpsons? What exactly does it mean? I head to the mural with camera in hand to gage how people interpret Os Gemeos.


Picture: Let the light in


Music: Abida Parveen’s ‘Bulleh Shah’

This is a fantastic live performance by a very powerful character. I love how she uses her arms to communicate her expression. I also ask you to follow the lyrics when they appear because they are very beautiful.


Pictures: Os Gemeos Mural in Boston

Interviews over the controversy that this Os Gemeos mural has stirred will follow in a short documentary.


Pictures: Collection of best shots over the years

This gallery exhibits some of what I feel are the better pictures that I have taken over the years. Copyright Craig Considine

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Picture: Peace in Books

I was reading too much with Nag Champa incents in Na Saoirsí, December 2011. The small room is fish-bowled and there is just enough light in. The wallpapers are bright orange with fluffy brush painting.


Picture: The purple house in Kinsale

  Taken in the spring of 2011 in the beautiful coastal village of Kinsale, Ireland.  


Music: Orange Sky


Music video: Anenome

I will never forget the first time I heard this song – over dinner on a brilliant, 11th century château in the southern France countryside.


Picture: Paris from a plane

Taken on a plan ride in transit to Toulouse.  From Toulouse I would have taken a train to the small village of Soreze, but I was never able to find the train.  Instead I had about a €250 cab ride to my destination. It was the most enjoyable €250 cab ride of all time.  The…… Continue reading Picture: Paris from a plane


Closed minds are ok… BUT…


Picture: Catedral de Santa María de la Sede


Fieldwork: The beautiful call to prayer

As part of Journey into America – September 2008 at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I was lucky enough to film right up there.


Do something worth remember, with a photograph or a scar


Two Irish men

Taken by my father on a trip to the fatherland in the 1980s.  This stunning pictures captures a life that is slowly fading away in Ireland.  A journal and more pictures from the trip can be found here.


Poems: Langston Hughes’ great poem ‘I, Too’

I, too, sing America. I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen When company comes, But I laugh, And eat well, And grow strong. Tomorrow, I’ll be at the table When company comes. Nobody’ll dare Say to me, “Eat in the kitchen,” Then. Besides, They’ll see how beautiful I am…… Continue reading Poems: Langston Hughes’ great poem ‘I, Too’


Wandering on a ridiculous road

From our trip to Glencolumbkille in Northwest Donegal, Ireland (June 2012). A breathtaking view on a windy little road. Truly spectacular and unforgettable.


Quarry graffiti in Quincy

© Craig Considine


Pictures: Hemlock Gorge Reservation

Hemlock Gorge Reservation = one of my favourite places to go pondering.


Writing in the Devil’s Den

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The Source of Rumi’s Inspiration

Rumi’s inspiration progresses from the inner to the outer, from spiritual impulse to verbal expression.  Thus, the more we are able to penetrate the outer form of his words, the closer we may come to catching a glimpse of the Source from which they came.  This requires a considerable mental leap.  Rumi is aware of…… Continue reading The Source of Rumi’s Inspiration


Liffey reflection



By Patrick Lane You miss your woman when she’s gone. You sleep on her side of the bed even when you say you won’t, imagine her cut under you like strange wool newly clipped. And fold away, fold away. There’s broken things around you you can’t fix. Blood in a boy’s head and a bullet…… Continue reading Breaking



The slippery and elusive Untouchable and invisible Thing. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack or Bringing peace to earth for eternity. * Have you ever held a little kitten? Your arms wrapped around it, held ever so tightly Then the kitten wiggles away and escapes Just as you think you have it wrapped…… Continue reading T***t


Sour Times by Portishead

A mysterious song here.


One of my favourite photographs from Turkey

I took this at Kadikoy, Turkey at the Sali Bazar in January 2012.

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West African drummer/singer in Fira, Santorini

I visited this dude every day.  I enjoyed sitting and listening to his soothing rhythm.


Showcasing my photography

I’ve just created a new page to showcase some of the photographs I’ve taken throughout the course of my travels since 2007.  You can check it here or see above.


Greek guitar player outside the Acropolis

I shot this on May 8th on a bright and sunny day in Athens. Of course I tipped him and asked for permission to film.

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Travels: Chillin

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Woman with powerful voice on Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul

Stumbled across this powerful voice on the street while coming home from a night out on the town.  Quite impressive, though I can’t translate one word.


Jesus mosaic at Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was perhaps the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen in person.  This mosaic of Jesus was one of my favourite parts of the trip.