Personal: The struggle of writing

Ah, the life of a writer. You design your piece this way and that. You manage to find a framework which you think can work. You plow through the keyboard and think what you have is great, only to have someone else read it and realize that it’s actually crap. So you work through your message again in your brain. What am I trying to say? How do I say it? Who is my audience?  The days go by. You drink 100 cups of coffee. You find different places to write as you think a change of scenery can help loosen your brain. But still, there seems to be no answers to your questions. It’s like the Berlin Wall is there to stop you from making progress. And so you ponder and ponder. And ponder.  You go for a walk. You sit and contemplate. You stare out the window. You have moments of break-through, but also moments where you just want to pack it in and say ‘screw it… I’m finished’. And yet through all of this, something magical happens. I don’t know how it happens, or why it happens, but it does. POW! That little, but powerful light goes off in your brain. You have figured it out.  You don’t know what ‘it’ is, but you have managed to find out what to say about it. Your brain is no longer cluttered and foggy. You start writing again and the words flow perfectly. Your piece is structured and your message is clear. Your entire world is now in harmony. Frowns turn to smiles. Anxiety turns to calm. This is the life of a writer.

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