Personal: The drive

There’s this drive within me.  I think it’s in my soul.  It’s always been with me.  I didn’t create it, though I certainly create from it.  It was given to me, but I don’t know when or by whom.  This drive is a mystery, though I’m certain that it pushes me forward and never backward.  Because of this drive I don’t ever pause for a second to think about failing. I don’t get caught up in the words of others and I would certainly never let anyone – or any event – discourage me. This drive makes me feel that I’ve this innate ability to do anything.  This drives makes me feel like I was put on Earth for a reason, though the reason isn’t entirely clear just yet. If you’ve this drive, you may get caught up in your own hype – your ego – but the wise among us focus not on boosting our self, but the journey itself and everything that comes with it.  It’s a strange thing – this drive – but you would be wise to cherish it, harness it, and most importantly, embrace it.

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