10 Inspiring Quotes to Commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a little boy attending elementary school in Needham, Massachusetts, I always borrowed two books from the Mitchell School library. One of those books gave a history of the Boston Celtics, my favorite basketball team, and the other book was a biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, the Civil Rights leaders of the 1950s…… Continue reading 10 Inspiring Quotes to Commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Pope Francis challenges students to “live, not just exist”

Here are a few messages which Pope Francis relayed to students from Rome’s universities: “You must live, not just exist… Please don’t look at life from the sidelines, accept challenges… You must not be spectators but protagonists… Don’t be mediocre, bored or like everyone else… You can’t live without facing challenges… Don’t stand on the…… Continue reading Pope Francis challenges students to “live, not just exist”


“To go forward is to move towards perfection” – Khalil Gibran

Taken while hiking An Spinc (“Pointed Hill”) in Glendalough, Ireland in 2011. That’s me in the picture.


Is this the most important quote in American history?


Inspiring poem: “The Man in the Glass”

The Man in the Glass When you get what you want in your struggle for self, And the world makes you king for a day, Then go to the mirror and look at yourself, And see what that man has to say. * For it isn’t your Father, or Mother, or Wife, Who judgement upon…… Continue reading Inspiring poem: “The Man in the Glass”


Where is your soul from?

I took this picture in the summer of 2011 at “The Rock” in Dover, Massachusetts. “The Rock” is one of my favorite getaways, a serene place I often go to contemplate the world around me. That’s me in the picture. I placed my camera on the timer to capture the glorious sunset. I’ve included Rumi’s poetry to…… Continue reading Where is your soul from?


Personal: The drive

There’s this drive within me.  I think it’s in my soul.  It’s always been with me.  I didn’t create it, though I certainly create from it.  It was given to me, but I don’t know when or by whom.  This drive is a mystery, though I’m certain that it pushes me forward and never backward.…… Continue reading Personal: The drive


Poems: Keeping your head

Via Daily Zen Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear. What does it mean that success is a dangerous as failure? Whether you go up the ladder or down it, your position is shaky. When you stand with your two feet on the ground, you will always keep your balance.…… Continue reading Poems: Keeping your head


Personal: Apathy and Fear vs. Caring and Courage

The biggest problem facing the world today is APATHY. People either don’t care at all about our common plight, or don’t care about the right things. People want to indulge in their pleasures, take part only in things that make them happy, and ignore the complicated issues just because they have lazy minds, or because…… Continue reading Personal: Apathy and Fear vs. Caring and Courage


Personal: A letter I received today

Dear Craig, Greetings. Thank you for taking the time to come and visit me. Thank you for your kind note. I really enjoyed meeting you. I have a sixth sense about people. Or perhaps a visceral feeling. Even enough I met you for a few minutes, I knew you would be an interesting person. And…… Continue reading Personal: A letter I received today


Do something worth remember, with a photograph or a scar


Just do it

Who am I? What am I? Where am I going? Tough questions to ponder. * To find the answers You better not ask For action and not thinking Defines you.


I’ll Take You There

My jam for the day.


Personal: 10 things successful people do

By Chad Howse from www.chadhowsefitness.com 1.  They didn’t use excuses. 2.  It wasn’t just about them. 3.  Early morning and late nights. 4.  The greatest commodity. 5.  Principles. 6.  Wavering, yet unbreakable faith. 7.  A reason. 8. They persevered when others didn’t. 9. Great people relentlessly studied their craft. 10. Risk. Read WHY at addicted2success.com