Pope Francis challenges students to “live, not just exist”

Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph

Here are a few messages which Pope Francis relayed to students from Rome’s universities:

“You must live, not just exist… Please don’t look at life from the sidelines, accept challenges… You must not be spectators but protagonists…

Don’t be mediocre, bored or like everyone else… You can’t live without facing challenges… Don’t stand on the sidelines; fight for dignity and against poverty…

Thoughts are fertile when they are in expression of an open mind that is able to discern, always illuminated by the truth, the good and beauty: if you do not allow yourselves to be conditioned by what everyone else thinks… you will find the courage to go against the current…

Plurality of thought and individuality reflects God’s multifaceted wisdom when it approaches the truth with honesty and intellectual rigour, so that each person can be a gift to others.”

Source: Vatican Insider

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