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Words For Our Wounded World – “Where Epics Fail”

Yahia Lababidi is an Egyptian immigrant and Muslim in Trump’s America. His new book – Where Epics Fail – is a work of hope, peace and healing for our wounded world. Where Epics Fail, to be published by Unbound (UK), is a collection of 800 aphorisms composed over the last ten years. Unbound is the world’s first crowd-funding…… Continue reading Words For Our Wounded World – “Where Epics Fail”

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Poem: I Pay Respect to Ireland

I pay respect to Ireland, the Emerald Isle, “the land of saints and scholars,” that tiny little island on the outskirts of Europe. Let us reflect upon her ancient glories, her yearning for knowledge, her passion for understanding the mysteries of the world. Let us never forget the conditions of those who came before us,…… Continue reading Poem: I Pay Respect to Ireland


Ancestor’s Poem

Your tombstone stands among the rest Neglected and alone The name and date are chiseled out On polished marble stone It reaches out to all who care It is too late to mourn You did not know that I exist You died and I was born Yet each of us are cells of you In…… Continue reading Ancestor’s Poem


Poem: Top of Killiney Hill

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I took this picture at Anwar al Madina mosque on Dublin’s northside during Mawlid 2013.


A Ramadan meditation in verse

By Akbar Ahmed Source: Washington Post – On Faith Allah has many names Allah is Rahman He is Rahim He is also Ghafoor And known as Noor Some have called Him Zeus Others address Him as Deus Some name Him Brahma Others see Him in Atma If you want to know Him, whatever His appellation…… Continue reading A Ramadan meditation in verse

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Transcending the Anti-Muslim Mobs of Tennessee

A recent event at the Manchester Convention Center in Tennessee has received news headlines. According to the Tennessean: During the keynote speech given by Bill Killian, U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Tennessee, audience members continually interrupted, making it difficult to understand what was said. Killian brought a PowerPoint presentation that covered the First…… Continue reading Transcending the Anti-Muslim Mobs of Tennessee