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Poem: I Pay Respect to Ireland

I pay respect to Ireland,
the Emerald Isle,
“the land of saints and scholars,”
that tiny little island
on the outskirts of Europe.

Let us reflect upon
her ancient glories,
her yearning for knowledge,
her passion for understanding
the mysteries of the world.

Let us never forget
the conditions of those
who came before us,
of those we kept the faith
in the darkest of hours,
of those who faced
the worst kind of oppression
with fearlessness.

Let us remember Ireland’s struggles,
the enslavement
and exile of the Irish people.
Let us forgive,
but never forget.

Let us acknowledge her traditions
and work towards peace
through the old Irish saying,
“the ink of the scholar
is more sacred
than the blood of the martyr.”

2 thoughts on “Poem: I Pay Respect to Ireland

  1. Not only a well written poem, but I learned quite of bit of history. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 🙂


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