Journey to Our Ancestral Home in Lisdoonvarna

Here’s a video of a humble little home on the west coast of Ireland, on a plot of land called Ardeamush, which is Irish for “James’ Height.” My family lived in this home at least as far back as 1775. It’s now in ruins, but the land is still occupied by Considines. By the grace of God I was able to find it. Much research and goodwill on behalf of local people made it possible.

“Ancestral Roots in Ireland”

When I was living in Ireland,

I was able to find my ancestral home.

It took a bit of research

some help from the locals.


Is Irish for “James’ Height.”

This little place

a town called Lisdoovnarna

in County Clare.

Imagine life on this land,

in this home.

Imagine a family

huddling around

a fire,

the dead of winter.

No food.


Shipping away kids

To a far away land

Because you can’t

give them life.

The Ocean

in the back.

The Cliffs of Moher.

The land,

It’s green

The Emerald Isle

A special place.

Like a tree.

It has a base,

It has its roots.

It springs and sprungs

It bends

It goes

In different directions.

How did we get

From there to here?








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