The Role of Activism in Criminal Justice Reform

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Video: Christian-Muslim Relations in the Early Years of Islam

In early December 2017, I had the opportunity to give a lecture for the Dialogue Institute Dallas in Dallas, Texas. I talk about the Christian-Muslim relations in the early years of Islam in light of the covenants Prophet Muhammad made with the Christians.


Video: Islamophobia and ISIS – Two Sides of the Same Coin


Video: Why I Admire Prophet Muhammad – A Response to Islamophobes

The following lecture, which I broadcasted first on Periscope, is based on my article, Why I Admire Muhammad: A Response to Islamophobes. Islamophobes have attacked me because I’ve written positively about Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. Because I am a Catholic, they consider me to be a heretic and feel that my interfaith activities are sacrilegious.…… Continue reading Video: Why I Admire Prophet Muhammad – A Response to Islamophobes

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Video: “Islam Isn’t a Race”, But Islamophobia is Racism

The following lecture, which I broadcasted first on Periscope, is based on my recent article, “Muslims Aren’t A Race, So I Can’t Be Racist. Right? Wrong”. I argue that although Islam is not a race, Islamophobia should be treated as a form of racism.


Video: Research Paper Mentioned By His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad

The following video shows an interfaith peace symposium sharing messages of peace with various communities including an address by His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the fifth Khalifa (Caliph) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I am honored that His Holiness mentioned my research paper Religious Pluralism and Civic Rights in a “Muslim Nation”: An Analysis of Prophet Muhammad’s…… Continue reading Video: Research Paper Mentioned By His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad


Video: A Christian View of Prophet Muhammad

This short video/documentary that I made is based on my recent Huffington Post article titled “Why a Christian Can View Muhammad as a Prophet”.


Journey to Our Ancestral Home in Lisdoonvarna

Here’s a video of a humble little home on the west coast of Ireland, on a plot of land called Ardeamush, which is Irish for “James’ Height.” My family lived in this home at least as far back as 1775. It’s now in ruins, but the land is still occupied by Considines. By the grace of God…… Continue reading Journey to Our Ancestral Home in Lisdoonvarna

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Doonagore Castle, Doolin, County Clare


Aerial Video Shows Complete Destruction of Palestinian Neighborhood After Israeli Bombing

And we’re told to believe that the Israeli military doesn’t target civilians. This entire area was destroyed, completely and utterly. This is Israel’s attempt to wipe Palestinians off of the map. It’s no joke. Watch the video at Al Arabiya.


VIDEO: Palestinian Parody of Islamic State


This Video Will Make Your Day: Robin Williams Tickling Koko the Gorilla


Stunning Aerial Video of the Ancient Considine Homeland in West Clare, Ireland

Check out this gorgeous video shot by Alan Magner Photography of West Clare, also known as the ancient Considine homeland! Footage includes clips of the Cliffs of Moher, Loop Head, and Lahinch, among others. Source: Clare Herald


How Can Ireland, a Country with a History of Forced Migration and Oppression, Treat Refugees so Poorly?

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Video: What Islam Can Teach Far-Right Europeans About Human Rights and Tolerance

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Video: War is stupid

I have read the news over the last few days with frustration and a bit of angst. The situation in Syria is spiraling out of control and threatens to become a wider war, perhaps even a world war. Over the course of these events, I have contemplated writing an article about my thoughts, but I…… Continue reading Video: War is stupid


Short video of reading “God or Allah”


Film-work: Dubliners demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza

Thanks to Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign for organizing this demonstration.


“Nothingness” (short film based in Ireland)

‘The feelings of my smallness and my nothingness’, said Pope John Paul II, ‘always kept me in good company’. I’m confident that Alan Watts, the Western Buddhist philosopher who speaks in this short film, would wholeheartedly agree with the former Pope.


Music: Coke Studio session with Saieen Zahoor and Noori

I find this song inspiring.  My favourite part comes at 3:10.  


Work: Some links launching new initiative One Film 9/11

Journey into America should be required viewing for all Americans and Muslims worldwide.  For this reason I have started the initiative One Film 9/11. The purpose of this initiative is to screen Journey into America in as many places of religious worship around the world on September 11th, 2013 in the hope of improving relations…… Continue reading Work: Some links launching new initiative One Film 9/11


Film-work: Obama visits Needham, Massachusetts on campaign trail


Film-work: Interviews at Os Gemeos ‘boogey man’ mural

What does that thing on the wall mean to people? Is it a terrorist? The Taliban? A Muslim spy? Or is it just a piece of art? Is it a character from the Simpsons? What exactly does it mean? I head to the mural with camera in hand to gage how people interpret Os Gemeos.


Irish President Calls American Tea Partier “Wanker Whipping Up Fear”

The President of Ireland Michael D Higgins eviscerated ardent US Republican radio broadcaster Michael Graham over issues like healthcare and foreign policy. Read more here.


Video: Native Nature

The world can easily be turned upside down. Old cultures and civilizations can be uprooted at the flick of a switch. Do you ever wonder about previous cultures? Do you ponder their origins and what made them tick? What happened to them? Did we learn from them? Sometimes you have to get lost to be…… Continue reading Video: Native Nature


Video: La Chouffe on the porch with dad


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Video: Road-trip to Maghera Beach and Port in Northwest Ireland (Over ‘Orange Sky’ by Alexi Murdoch)

I have finally edited the video that I captured when Mel and I went to visit the areas around Glencolumbkille in Donegal. I decided to use ‘Orange Sky’ by Alexi Murdoch as a backdrop to this short but sweet clip which, I hope, captures the serenity and grandeur of the area. At times the clip moves…… Continue reading Video: Road-trip to Maghera Beach and Port in Northwest Ireland (Over ‘Orange Sky’ by Alexi Murdoch)

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Music: Iranian tar player at American Islamic Congress iftar on Newbury St. (Boston)

The other night I had the opportunity to attend my second iftar of 2012 at the American Islamic Congress over on Newbury Street in Boston. This was a community iftar (the previous one I attended had the theme of South Asian) that welcomed a graduate student from Northeastern who demonstrated his fine tar skills.  The tar is an important and popular…… Continue reading Music: Iranian tar player at American Islamic Congress iftar on Newbury St. (Boston)


Video/commentary: Will there be a radicalization of white people hearing on Capitol Hill?


Video: Another funny pasta session with Ma

More summer fun in the Considine kitchen. I love to tease her. She busted out the wooden spoon like the ol’days. 🙂


Video: I’m not racist, but… (Shit White Girls Say… to Black Girls)

This is what sociologists call microaggression: ‘Why isn’t there a White Entertainment Television?’ ‘Jews were slaves too, but you don’t hear us complaining about it all the time…’ ‘You can say the N word but I can’t? How is that okay?’ ‘He’s so cute for a black guy’. ‘The thing I like about them is like…… Continue reading Video: I’m not racist, but… (Shit White Girls Say… to Black Girls)


Music: Orange Sky


Music video: Anenome

I will never forget the first time I heard this song – over dinner on a brilliant, 11th century château in the southern France countryside.


Video: ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Place’ (Pakistan) speech by Akbar Ahmed

Professor Akbar Ahmed speaks about the difficult quandary in present day Pakistan, especially in the Tribal Areas.  Be on the lookout for his forthcoming book The Thistle and the Drone (to be published by Brookings Institution Press in the spring of 2013).

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Video: Marry Me

The following 6 minute short film is about a girl who loves a boy and a boy who loves his bike. The film took first place in Tropfest Australia 2008, “the world’s largest short film festival.” It has me thinking about how we raise our children, from toddlerhood. Consider: a girl ensconced in pink is obsessed…… Continue reading Video: Marry Me

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Video: Reading a Muslim Brotherhood response to Michele Bachmann

I am trying to be more creative.  Rather than writing something, I have decided to speak something.


Do something worth remember, with a photograph or a scar


Politics: Terror babies and Bachmann

Texas Representative Louie Gohmert is one of several members of Congress who decided (stupidly) to sign the now infamous ‘Bachmann letter’, which accused Huma Abedin’s PARENTS for being the reason the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ has ‘infiltrated’ the US State Department.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Abdein’s PARENTS have successfully infiltrated the US State Department.


(Video) Part 1: Glencolumbkille and beyond


Wandering on a ridiculous road

From our trip to Glencolumbkille in Northwest Donegal, Ireland (June 2012). A breathtaking view on a windy little road. Truly spectacular and unforgettable.


(Video) Surprising the hell out of my parents!

I booked a flight back home to Boston in March 2012.  My sister, the only person who knew of the booking, and I devised a clever plan to surprise my parents.  I put together this short clip to ‘Lovely Allen’ by Holy Fuck.  Watch the video and tell me whether you think Holy Fuck is…… Continue reading (Video) Surprising the hell out of my parents!


Friends: Chef JD’s video demonstration in Bosa, Sardegna

One of my best friends Jonathan Doar (we call him JD) is an exceptional chef who appeared on the Food Network’s popular show Chopped (This fact alone sets him a part from most chefs out there).  JD’s clearly a young, enthusiastic, and of course up-and-coming chef in the ranks.  Now that he has spent the past many…… Continue reading Friends: Chef JD’s video demonstration in Bosa, Sardegna


Reading Plato’s ‘Apology’ in Greece

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My ‘Dirt road in Santorini’ video

I rented a cheap little car and was told ‘not to go off-roading’.  But what did that mean?  What is considered ‘off-roading’?  These are two questions I certainly contemplated before taking the car down a dangerous path to the famous and isolated Kambia Beach in the middle-of-nowhere, Santorini.  Would I make the car back up…… Continue reading My ‘Dirt road in Santorini’ video

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The greatest view known to man?

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Woman with powerful voice on Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul

Stumbled across this powerful voice on the street while coming home from a night out on the town.  Quite impressive, though I can’t translate one word.


Jesus mosaic at Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was perhaps the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen in person.  This mosaic of Jesus was one of my favourite parts of the trip.


Melting sun over the Strait of Bosporous (Istanbul)

I shot this in December 2011


Beautiful mosque in Istanbul

It’s a true shame I can’t remember its name, but like most mosques in Istanbul, this one was beautiful.  The best part of the visit was the complete silence (though that really doesn’t come across in this video).  Strangely, you will also notice the banging going on in the background.  I feel like it’s well…… Continue reading Beautiful mosque in Istanbul


One of my favourite films: ‘Baraka’

Baraka, a word which means ‘blessing’ in a multitude of languages (it’s also a Sufi word which means ‘breath of life’), is a film directed by Ron Fricke in 1992. Why do I like ‘Baraka’ so much?  Perhaps it’s because it has absolutely no story line, or at least not an overt one.  The film…… Continue reading One of my favourite films: ‘Baraka’