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Hip-Hop’s Muslim American Influence

Here is another excellent blog post by four students in my “Muslims in American Society” course at Rice University. “Learning about the influence of Islam in hip-hop is important for a multitude reasons that impact both people in and out of the Muslim American community. Firstly, it highlights the contributions that Muslims have made to…… Continue reading Hip-Hop’s Muslim American Influence


Video: When Nelson Mandela danced to an Irish tune in Galway

In 2003, Nelson Mandela visited Ireland when we hosted the Special Olympics. As part of his visit, he travelled to NUI Galway to receive an honorary degree. The Corrs played at an event after the ceremony. Nelson Mandela was, quite literally, first on the dancefloor. He rolled out his trademark dance – known as the…… Continue reading Video: When Nelson Mandela danced to an Irish tune in Galway


Music: Coke Studio session with Saieen Zahoor and Noori

I find this song inspiring.  My favourite part comes at 3:10.  


Music: Elvis Presley Blues

I heard this song on the radio this lovely morning. The disc jockey said that it is one of the greatest songs ever written by a human being. True story.


Music: Aj Latha Naeeo


Music: Some soul in walking in the sun

Things have been going wrong Long enough to know everything is right Been walking in the dark, long enough to know I finally see the light I’ve been losing long enough to know When I finally won And even a blind man can tell When he’s walking in the sun Cried enough tears to know…… Continue reading Music: Some soul in walking in the sun


Music: Toots and Country Roads

Almost heaven, West Jamaica True ridge mountains Shining Minko River All my friends there Older than those ridge Younger than the mountains Blowin’ like a breeze Country roads take me home To the place I belong West Jamaica, my ol’ momma Take me home country roads I heard her voice In the mornin’ hour she…… Continue reading Music: Toots and Country Roads