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Hip-Hop’s Muslim American Influence


Here is another excellent blog post by four students in my “Muslims in American Society” course at Rice University.

“Learning about the influence of Islam in hip-hop is important for a multitude reasons that impact both people in and out of the Muslim American community. Firstly, it highlights the contributions that Muslims have made to American culture, art, and the American story in general. A person can have several identities including being an American, a Muslim, and a hip-hop artist. Secondly, it emphasizes the fact that Muslims are not a monolith. They can be involved in hip-hop, and they can be non-Arab. Learning about Muslims’ involvement in hip-hop helps to break down the often accepted stereotypes about who Muslims are and how they behave. We think that research on Muslims in hip-hop opens up a lesser known facet to the identities of many Muslims across the U.S. and the world.”

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