Video: Native Nature

The world can easily be turned upside down. Old cultures and civilizations can be uprooted at the flick of a switch. Do you ever wonder about previous cultures? Do you ponder their origins and what made them tick? What happened to them? Did we learn from them?

Sometimes you have to get lost to be found. Sometimes you have to lose your sense of direction to regain it. Sometimes you desire to go back to a bygone era. Sometimes the difficulties in the past do not seem so grave now.

What are the signs which show us the way?  Have we gone too far?  Have we not learned enough?

What happened to trusting the instinct of nature? What about beings bonding? What happened to trust?

We have maps. We have journeys.  There are paths.  But is there a reward?

Have you ever thought that we have lost our way as a species? Have we become too rational?  Have we lost touch?

Today we stand at a civilizational crossroads. Are we going down the right paths? Are we progressing forward? Are we overusing and eroding the natural things in life? Why should nature respect man if man does not respect nature?

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