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Pictures of Walk from Bré to Na Clocha Liatha

Just outside of Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin) via the Dart is the small seaside village of Bré (Bray).  Just north of Bré is another seaside village of Na Clocha Liatha (Greystones), which is about a three-hour walk from said place.  Beginning in Bré there’s a shorter ‘cliff walk’ that you can take to Na Clocha Liatha, but you…… Continue reading Pictures of Walk from Bré to Na Clocha Liatha


Film-work: How do you feel when watching “Nothingness”?

What are your feelings when watching this? Are you happy or sad? Motivated or depressed? Something totally different? I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments section.  Thank you. Related articles Film-work: “Nothingness” (short film based in Ireland) (


Video: Native Nature

The world can easily be turned upside down. Old cultures and civilizations can be uprooted at the flick of a switch. Do you ever wonder about previous cultures? Do you ponder their origins and what made them tick? What happened to them? Did we learn from them? Sometimes you have to get lost to be…… Continue reading Video: Native Nature


Pictures: Hemlock Gorge Reservation

Hemlock Gorge Reservation = one of my favourite places to go pondering.


Poem: Spirit at Hemlock George

An inviting path, under the shade of a gigantic tree and the shadow of a bird flying above. The bird chirps, as another one sings. The aura is over me. * There’s an opening ahead, where the water, crashing at the falls eliminates the silence. There, on a small cliff, I stand, embracing the mist, which, ever…… Continue reading Poem: Spirit at Hemlock George


Sunset in Glencolumbkille

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Picture: The most beautiful beach in Ireland


Melting sun over the Strait of Bosporous (Istanbul)

I shot this in December 2011


One of my favourite films: ‘Baraka’

Baraka, a word which means ‘blessing’ in a multitude of languages (it’s also a Sufi word which means ‘breath of life’), is a film directed by Ron Fricke in 1992. Why do I like ‘Baraka’ so much?  Perhaps it’s because it has absolutely no story line, or at least not an overt one.  The film…… Continue reading One of my favourite films: ‘Baraka’