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Pictures of Walk from Bré to Na Clocha Liatha

Just outside of Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin) via the Dart is the small seaside village of Bré (Bray).  Just north of Bré is another seaside village of Na Clocha Liatha (Greystones), which is about a three-hour walk from said place.  Beginning in Bré there’s a shorter ‘cliff walk’ that you can take to Na Clocha Liatha, but you can also go ‘off-roading’ on some paths that you can pick up near the cross on the top of the Bré mountain, which I recommend climbing for some stunning views.

Parts of the ‘off-roading’ Bré to Na Clocha Liatha journey can be dangerous, especially if the rocks are slick.  The paths are also not entirely clear and it’s easy to get lost.  We were lucky to have asked a friendly woman walking how to get to Na Clocha Liatha.  She said to walk about 15 minutes until you get to a ‘big rock’.  We were supposed to look down the mountain for a ‘wiggly path’.  We managed to find it, but it wasn’t easy.

The descent down the mountain to the ‘cliff walk’ path has several obstacles, including huge rocks, muddy paths, dense thickets, and even a wall that you need to jump down from.  I suggest bringing water and wearing boots to protect you from mud on this ‘off-roading’ trip. When you get to Na Clocha Liatha, make sure to head to a pub and sip on some hot whiskey.  I think you’ll probably need it.

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