God Exhaling Over the Irish Sea

I saw something amazing last night over the Irish Sea. A devilish red sunset which nearly melted our plane. There were towering castles in the distant which were made of thick black clouds. Below us were rolling hills of puffy things. God was simply exhaling. This picture isn’t mine, but it’s the closest thing I could…… Continue reading God Exhaling Over the Irish Sea

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A little bit of Italy on the Irish coast

These are some pictures of my recent visit to Killiney (Irish: Cill Iníon Léinín, meaning “Church of the Daughters of Léinín”). Killiney is located about 30 minutes on the train from Dublin city centre. For many centuries the major part of the district was the property of the Talbot de Malahide family, some of the…… Continue reading A little bit of Italy on the Irish coast


Pictures of Beautiful Churches in Europe

Here’s a collection of pictures I’ve taken over the years in traveling throughout Europe. The churches range from Catholic, to Protestant, to Greek Orthodox in Italy, Greece, Spain, and Ireland. Below you will see massive cathedrals in major cities but also little parishes in the middle of nowhere. I hope to add to this gallery as…… Continue reading Pictures of Beautiful Churches in Europe

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Carry beauty

Flying into Dublin over a year ago, our plane glided through a majestic sky that was truly awe inspiring. I use a quote from Boston native Ralph Waldo Emerson, a transcendental philosopher, poet, and humanitarian for inspiration.


Pictures of visit to Istanbul

I visited Istanbul, Turkey, over 1 year ago, but I’m just now adding them to the blog. Istanbul is a remarkable city with tons of history and culture. I made it to all the key historic spots including the Hagia Sophia (my favorite), all the main mosques, Topkapi Palace, and managed to catch a ferry…… Continue reading Pictures of visit to Istanbul

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Pictures of trip to Rome

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Pictures of Walk from Bré to Na Clocha Liatha

Just outside of Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin) via the Dart is the small seaside village of Bré (Bray).  Just north of Bré is another seaside village of Na Clocha Liatha (Greystones), which is about a three-hour walk from said place.  Beginning in Bré there’s a shorter ‘cliff walk’ that you can take to Na Clocha Liatha, but you…… Continue reading Pictures of Walk from Bré to Na Clocha Liatha