Video: I’m not racist, but… (Shit White Girls Say… to Black Girls)

This is what sociologists call microaggression:

‘Why isn’t there a White Entertainment Television?’

‘Jews were slaves too, but you don’t hear us complaining about it all the time…’

‘You can say the N word but I can’t? How is that okay?’

‘He’s so cute for a black guy’.

‘The thing I like about them is like they aren’t stereotypical black people…’

‘It’s almost like you’re not black’.

3 thoughts on “Video: I’m not racist, but… (Shit White Girls Say… to Black Girls)

  1. This is a great video, having heard the creator discuss her intellectual motives behind it, I loved it even more. As a person of colour and a minority in the country I was born and raised in, I can relate to the sembelance of comments she parodied. Ignorance isn’t always intentional or aggressive. Such comments ate thoughtless ignorance. And can be just as hurtful.


    1. Wow and that’s a great response. Over the years I’ve had to kind of de-program myself to be much more careful with what I say and I’ve learned that many Americans really don’t even know they’re being racist. I will also confront people who I think are being racist and have a chat with them on their language. These small steps are a way towards change. I’m doing my part.


      1. It is hard to change something you aren’t aware exists within you. That is why videos like these are great because they force you to confront yourself and analyse what exactly is lurking within the depths of your mind, heart and soul. Change begins with introspection. It is refreshing to hear that you actively decided to change any possible elements of that in you. Just as I did. Just as we all should as it is within all of us to some degree.


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