Video: A Christian View of Prophet Muhammad

This short video/documentary that I made is based on my recent Huffington Post article titled “Why a Christian Can View Muhammad as a Prophet“.

27 thoughts on “Video: A Christian View of Prophet Muhammad

  1. But the “An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab…” quote which Dr Considine uses to bolster Mohammed’s anti-racist credentials at 3:20 is still a modern invention.

    Just to make things more interesting, I will donate $1000 to an interfaith charity of Dr Considine’s choice if he can produce the hadith it comes from.

    If he can’t then his readers will be entitled to ask why he persists in using this fake reference, having had it pointed out before.

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    1. Thank you for the comment, which is the 58th one that you have left on my website. That is pretty remarkable. I appreciate you spending so much time thinking about and responding to my ideas. It is a testament to my work and my ability to challenge people. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing my ideas around the internet. You are expanding my audience and for that I am grateful.

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      1. Dr Considine – Is it really 58 comments? Indeed that is remarkable. I am happy that you see it as a testament to your work and ideas but to tell the truth I am more interested in your facts, or the dubious assertions and now the outright falsehood above which you present as facts. It seems that you have no concern over the truth or falsity of the supposed excerpt from Mohammed’s final sermon, not even enough to rebut my claim. Can this really be true? What must your readers make of it?

        And you’re here too Paul. Good to see you. We need all the open-minded truth seekers we can get on the job. There’s $1000 in it for you too. Here’s the first place to start looking:

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      2. One of the joys of my life is having intelligent conversations. I especially appreciate intelligent people who have first-hand experiences in interacting with the people who they study. These intelligent conversations are rare to come by. Finding open-minded people with real experiences in interacting with other human beings is like finding a needle in a haystack. Let me know if you know anybody with these credentials that is capable of having an intelligent conversation with me.

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      3. Alas, I don’t think I do. Everybody I know is anchored too firmly to factual truth to join you in your rarified intellectual atmosphere. It holds us back I know. I envy your superior understanding that transcends such mundane concerns. Nevertheless it’s an honour to be in the presence of one so enlightened.

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      4. That makes sense. I am a bit weary of people that believe that they are capable of grasping “factual truth”. I admire Socrates because he put forth the great line “I know that I do not know”. He was truly enlightened. He had the open-mind necessary to teach others.

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      5. Is that a whiff of postmodernism I detect? Factual truth, how passe… except for scientists, and I thought still to some extent for social scientists. Are you saying that the quote at issue is neither actually true or not? How very comfortable it must be to take such an attitude to facts. It explains much of your views on Dr Morrow’s book, Mohammed and Jesus.

        By the way, that was only a trick on Socrates’ part. He had very decided beliefs which he pretended not to have for the sake of the discussion.

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      6. It is very comfortable, which is why I do it. It allows space for new ideas in my mind. I like to push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Indeed, I am my own thinker. I am unlike some people who are fixed in the ideas of others and have few original theories to offer.

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      7. The best teachers do not give students answers, rather they help students develop a mindset so that they can find answers by themselves. I am afraid you are alone in this one, anonymous ECAW person. My advice to you is to read, to explore, to open your mind. More importantly, open your heart. This is the best advice I can give to you as a teacher and human being. Good luck in your quest for enlightenment.


      8. I don’t mind being condescended to by those in a position to do so but I don’t think you qualify. You are not my teacher. You are someone who has presented a false quote as genuine to your readers but will not do the decent thing and either back it up or admit you got it wrong. I hope some of them take notice.

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  2. Paul – It is a very curious mindset that sees every challenge to its beliefs as trolling. I am here, in the hope that some readers are still interested in the difference between fact and fiction, to alert them to the half truths and untruths which are presented as truths. You will have noticed in the exchange above Dr Considine’s absolute refusal to address the issue at hand, the truth or otherwise of the quote about Mohammed’s attitude to racism. But then why should he care when his supporters don’t?

    As far as being paid goes, the only one here who stands to be paid is you. How is the search going?

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    1. Why don’t you write your own article discussing this elusive truth that you think others are incapable of seeing? Maybe that will please your supporters. But then again do you have any? If you don’t it’s worth knowing why.


  3. As an atheist who read the scriptures of both religions I’m trying to keep an unbiased view. Muslims who want you to abide by what they say (muhammad was the last prophet of God that came to set Jews and Christians on the right path) are muslims while Christians who want you to abide by what they say (that Jesus was the last prophet and no more would come after him) are “islamophobes”? How come? Didn’t muhammad claim that Jesuswas a normal man who did not die on the cross and therefore didn’t come back to life? It’s easy to see why Christians refuse to acknowledge muhammad as a prophet, since their religion is based on the idea that Jesus was the son of God, died on the cross and came back to life. How can you conciliate two diametrically opposing points of view?

    As for muhammad’s life, I’ve read Alfred Guillaume’s “The Life of Muhammad”, which can be found freely on-line (I got it from, but, since its copyright is expired, it probably can be found in many other places). And I must say, I strongly disagree with your assertion that muhammad came to bring love, or peace, or justice. For example, muhammad ordered the murder of Asma’ bint Marwan and Abu ‘Afak because they wrote poems criticising him (as described on pages 361-362 of the PDF version). That, I argue, is the exact opposite of showing compassion or applying justice. Doesn’t the quran states that non-believers are to be fought and killed until they convert to islam or agree to pay the jizya?

    Also, I was pleasantly surprised for discovering I too am a Prophet – at least by your definition, since I care about the well-being of others regardless of their ethnicity, and people who know me well certainly have more than a couple of stories to tell about me turning a seemingly hopeless situation around 🙂

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  4. Dr Considine, it is obvious that you will do anything rather than give straight answers to straight questions. You are a fraud.

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    1. Trin don’t be silly, Dr Considine is obviously way above your pay grade in knowledge and intelligence. Go and play with someone at your level…


      1. I’m afraid it is *you* who are silly. Silly enough to ignore the fact that Considine has based his video on a lie. He has refused to answer ECAW’s and Trin’s points, and replies with condescending pseudo academic waffle. The man is contemptible, but the fact that *you*, as, I presume, aa non-academic, simply swallow his nonsense without question, is far more terrifying. I’m afraid people like you are the marks for lying propaganda purveyors like Considine. Not only do you blindly swallow everything you are told, you react with anger towards anyone who points out the cracks in the ‘argument’. You and your lk are absolute gifts to charlatans like Considine.

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  5. Mohammed was a butcher, torturer and rapist.The only way to solve the problems caused by mass-immigration is mass-deportation. The problems caused by uncontrolled immigration far outweigh any benefit. Immigration has to be limited and strictly controlled.


  6. So if you consider Jesus and Mohammed both equal as prophets, do you not believe Jesus is God? Do you not believe the concept of the trinity? Sorry if I come across as rude, I am just trying to understand your views. God bless


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