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Video: Christian-Muslim Relations in the Early Years of Islam

In early December 2017, I had the opportunity to give a lecture for the Dialogue Institute Dallas in Dallas, Texas. I talk about the Christian-Muslim relations in the early years of Islam in light of the covenants Prophet Muhammad made with the Christians.

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Video: Endorsements of “Islam, Race, and Pluralism in the Pakistani Diaspora”

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Video: The Legacy of Imam WD Mohammed

Imam Wazir Ali and Imam Qasim Ahmed came to guest lecture in my “Muslims in American Society” course at Rice University. Earlier in the week, I covered the rise of the Nation of Islam and the life of Elijah Mohammed as well as Malcolm X. Naturally we had to move on to the legacy of Imam…… Continue reading Video: The Legacy of Imam WD Mohammed


Video: Speech at Annual Ahmadiyya Convention

Here is the 8 minute speech I gave this past weekend – I talk about religious pluralism, Prophet Muhammad and DEUCE.


Interview at the Ahmadiyya Convention (USA) With Rabwah Times

Rabwah Times is an online news publication which started off from the town of Rabwah, Pakistan as a community project back in 2006. Rabwah is a small town in Pakistan’s Punjab province and is home to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Pakistan. The mainstream media frequently ignored the pleas of the minority muslim sect as it’s residents were pushed to the wall by extremists who illegally…… Continue reading Interview at the Ahmadiyya Convention (USA) With Rabwah Times


Video: Islamophobia and ISIS – Two Sides of the Same Coin


Video: Talk to Muslim American Society in Seabrook, TX

Here’s a video of my talk the other night in Seabrook, TX. I addressed members of the Muslim American Society on the issue of DEUCE – dialogue, education, understanding, commitment and engagement. I refer to Prophet Muhammad’s relations with Christians and touch upon “the grey zone” that Donald Trump and ISIS want to destroy. That…… Continue reading Video: Talk to Muslim American Society in Seabrook, TX

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Video: “Islam Isn’t a Race”, But Islamophobia is Racism

The following lecture, which I broadcasted first on Periscope, is based on my recent article, “Muslims Aren’t A Race, So I Can’t Be Racist. Right? Wrong”. I argue that although Islam is not a race, Islamophobia should be treated as a form of racism.