If you need reassurance in love,

I suggest you walk away now.

If you’re thinking about getting close to me,

think again.

Forget words like stability, security, and consistency.

I’m restless and fidgety;

don’t expect me to stand still.

If you want to be with me,

prepare for impatience.

If you’re sensitive, move away;

keep your distance.

I get uncomfortable when you get too close.

And please, don’t ask me ‘why?’.

I won’t tell you.

Nobody has access to my soul but me.

But, I’m friendly and loving.

I get along with everyone.

I’m a conversationalist.

I’m witty.

I’ll be the life of the party.

I crave and love audiences,

whether male or female,

but it never goes beyond this;

unless, of course, you doubt me.

Don’t bind me

and never, ever, doubt me.

I’ll never indulge in adultery;

I yearn for loyalty.

I’ll trust you,

but only as much

as you trust me.

I’m not the jealous type.

I’ll never be possessive.

I may lack passion,

but I don’t lack in romance.

I’ll cuddle with you,

love you,

complete you,

and protect you.

And don’t forget,

I’ll make an excellent husband.

I’ll bring you flowers.

I’ll bring you candies and cards.

I’ll treat you like a Queen.

If you want my heart,

assure me that I’m your one and only.

But remember, don’t smother me.

I’ll gladly love you

and let you into my world.

But remember

I have many personalities.

I’m an enigma.

I’ll be there for you,

but it won’t be the same,

as being always there with you.

My word of advice:

keep up with me!

Don’t worry if you get tired;

I’ll stop for you and grab your hand.

I’ll always give you the strength

to run with me again!

© Craig Considine

7 thoughts on “Warning

      1. I actually managed to put some of that real scary into my poem “Eternally Bound ” and was laughing when people were commenting about hiding under the bed !!


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