Walking While “White” Versus “Muslim” After San Bernadino

In about an hour or so I’ll be rolling out of my apartment building. I’ll walk for 45 minutes until I reach my office on campus. It will be a lovely walk. Crisp, calm, beautiful. I’ll pass by strangers and give the casual smile and hello. Just another working white dude in Houston… I find it…… Continue reading Walking While “White” Versus “Muslim” After San Bernadino


How to Be a Good Person

Here’s how you can become a good person… Look people in their eyes when they’re speaking to you. Listen to everything they say and never interrupt them. Don’t dismiss their points, ever. Make them smile, make them laugh. Find their strong points and tease them out. Find common ground and build on it. Be humble.…… Continue reading How to Be a Good Person



If you need reassurance in love, I suggest you walk away now. If you’re thinking about getting close to me, think again. Forget words like stability, security, and consistency. I’m restless and fidgety; don’t expect me to stand still. – If you want to be with me, prepare for impatience. If you’re sensitive, move away; keep…… Continue reading Warning