Greed and Attachment to Money Cause Evil, Pope Francis Says

Source: Catholic News Service By Carol Glatz Money by itself isn’t a problem, but greed and an attachment to money cause evil and destroy families and relationships, Pope Francis said. “Money is needed to bring about many good things,” he said in his morning Mass homily Oct. 21, “but when your heart is attached (to…… Continue reading Greed and Attachment to Money Cause Evil, Pope Francis Says



By Patrick Lane You miss your woman when she’s gone. You sleep on her side of the bed even when you say you won’t, imagine her cut under you like strange wool newly clipped. And fold away, fold away. There’s broken things around you you can’t fix. Blood in a boy’s head and a bullet…… Continue reading Breaking


Poems: What is the greatest evil?

Jealousy’s a form of love, though self-love; not love for you and I or others. Inferiority is what lights its fire. Low self-esteem keeps it fueled. Anger and hatred are its residue. © Craig Considine


Happy 37th anniversary to my parents!

‘Family is most important in life’. – my dad One of the rarities of our Western world today = two people sticking with the bond they made on their wedding day. I’m, however, so lucky and SO honoured to be the son of a couple that has stuck together through thick and thin, through the…… Continue reading Happy 37th anniversary to my parents!



If you need reassurance in love, I suggest you walk away now. If you’re thinking about getting close to me, think again. Forget words like stability, security, and consistency. I’m restless and fidgety; don’t expect me to stand still. – If you want to be with me, prepare for impatience. If you’re sensitive, move away; keep…… Continue reading Warning