Happy 37th anniversary to my parents!

‘Family is most important in life’. – my dad

One of the rarities of our Western world today = two people sticking with the bond they made on their wedding day.

I’m, however, so lucky and SO honoured to be the son of a couple that has stuck together through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad, through all the trials and tribulations brought upon by this thing we call LIFE.

Today my parents (Chris and Debbie) are celebrating their 37th YEAR OF MARRIAGE!

Imagine that!

37 years!

Our age, in general terms if we consider how many Western relationships unfold, is one of gross selfishness, impulsiveness and infidelity.  And yet here my parents are, still together and going strong, still thinking about what’s best not for the individual but for the family unit.

How admirable!

Certainly I will carry on the lessons they’ve exhibited in the marriage and family I hope to have one of these days.



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