Poems: What is the greatest evil?

Jealousy’s a form of love, though self-love; not love for you and I or others. Inferiority is what lights its fire. Low self-esteem keeps it fueled. Anger and hatred are its residue. © Craig Considine


Happy 37th anniversary to my parents!

‘Family is most important in life’. – my dad One of the rarities of our Western world today = two people sticking with the bond they made on their wedding day. I’m, however, so lucky and SO honoured to be the son of a couple that has stuck together through thick and thin, through the…… Continue reading Happy 37th anniversary to my parents!



If you need reassurance in love, I suggest you walk away now. If you’re thinking about getting close to me, think again. Forget words like stability, security, and consistency. I’m restless and fidgety; don’t expect me to stand still. – If you want to be with me, prepare for impatience. If you’re sensitive, move away; keep…… Continue reading Warning