Personal: Prayer in my home

When I was growing up in Needham, Massachusetts, I remember seeing a picture on the wall near the front door of my home.  The small squared frame had ‘Considine’ written at the very top in a nice and neat cursive.

Below ‘Considine’ was the date – 1985 – which represents the year that we moved into the house.

The prayer read:

Bless this house oh Lord we pray

Make it safe by night and day

Bless this roof and chimney tall

Let thy peace lie over all

I read that prayer over and over when I used to wait for my car-pool on the way to school.  It was easy to read but it always resonated with me.  The prayer made me feel so thankful to have a beautiful home to rest in.  More importantly, it reminded me of the importance of family.

For that I am ever grateful.

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