Personal: Apathy and Fear vs. Caring and Courage

The biggest problem facing the world today is APATHY. People either don’t care at all about our common plight, or don’t care about the right things. People want to indulge in their pleasures, take part only in things that make them happy, and ignore the complicated issues just because they have lazy minds, or because they’re afraid of exposing their ignorance.

FEAR is a second big problem. People don’t step forward and tackle problems because they fear looking stupid or being put down by someone ‘superior’.

APATHY and FEAR; these are the ills of society.  These are things that I despise.

Well, I won’t sit by and keep quiet. I won’t be that person who doesn’t care. I won’t be that person who cares if he’s annoying or not. I won’t be that person who says ‘fuck it… it doesn’t impact me directly’.  We need more CARING people.  We need more COURAGE.

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