Personal: The struggle of writing

Ah, the life of a writer. You design your piece this way and that. You manage to find a framework which you think can work. You plow through the keyboard and think what you have is great, only to have someone else read it and realize that it’s actually crap. So you work through your…… Continue reading Personal: The struggle of writing


Work: Two new publications in Egypt and Belgium

The latest article I wrote on America’s Founding Fathers, Islam and One Film 9/11 has been published worldwide.  The most recent publications have come in Bikya Masr in Egypt and Le Soir in Belgium. One of Egypt’s largest English media outlets, Bikya Masr is a multiple award-winning independent news website with staff based across the globe.…… Continue reading Work: Two new publications in Egypt and Belgium


Personal: Apathy and Fear vs. Caring and Courage

The biggest problem facing the world today is APATHY. People either don’t care at all about our common plight, or don’t care about the right things. People want to indulge in their pleasures, take part only in things that make them happy, and ignore the complicated issues just because they have lazy minds, or because…… Continue reading Personal: Apathy and Fear vs. Caring and Courage



2014 The Problem With Banning the Burqa. Huffington Post Religion, March 12th. Revisiting the Connection Between Prophet Muhammad and George Washington. Huffington Post Religion, February 16th. Interview on Scholar’s Spiritual Journey Into Islam and the Life of Prophet Muhammad. Huffington Post Religion, February 11th. What Studying Muhammad Taught Me About Islam. Huffington Post Religion, January…… Continue reading Articles


James Baldwin at the Crossroads of his Identity Crisis

One can only face in others what one can face in oneself.  On this confrontation depends the measure of our wisdom and compassion.  This energy is all that one finds in the rubble of vanished civilizations, and the only hope for ours. – James Baldwin, ‘NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME’


Writing in the Devil’s Den


Radical and yet professional

It wasn’t my job as Editor to put together the front and back cover for TCD JPR Vol. 11.  That task was Mary O’Connor’s, the President of the Graduate Students’ Union.  She did what I think is an amazing job.  Take a look at the front and back cover. Now we just have to get…… Continue reading Radical and yet professional