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What Studying Muhammad Taught Me About Islam. Huffington Post Religion, January 21st.

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What Europe’s Far-Right Parties Can Learn From Islam. Huffington Post Religion, November 18th.

Guiding Jewish/Muslim Relations Through the Life of Maimonides, the 12th Century Jewish Scholar. Huffington Post Religion, November 5th.

Overcoming Historical Amnesia: Muslim Contributions to Civilization. Huffington Post Religion, October 22nd.

Salam and salutation to Pope Francis. Washington Post, October 8th.

A Note to the Muslims Who Attacked Christians in Peshawar, Pakistan. Huffington Post Religion, September 24th.

How Would the Founding Fathers React to Syria? Huffington Post Religion, September 5th.

U.S. depleted uranium as malicious as Syrian chemical weaponsThe American Muslim, August 25th.

Persecution of Christians shames Muhammad’s legacy. The American Muslim, August 25th.

Egyptian Muslims forget Muhammad’s letter to Christian monks at Mt. Sinai. The American Muslim, August 18th.

Rumi and Emerson: A Bridge Between the West and the Muslim World, Huffington Post, August 14th.

A New Perspective of ‘Jihad’ in Christianity and Islam, Huffington Post, August 5th.

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Reclaiming the Beard in Behalf of Christianity, Huffington Post, June 11th.

Honoring Muslim American Veterans on Memorial Day, Huffington Post, May 26th.

Documents Show Prophet Muhammad and U.S. Founding Fathers Were Kindreds Spirits, ISLAMiCommentary (Duke Islamic Studies Center), May 19th.

Morocco and US must not let recent spat harm their historic friendship, Morocco World News, May 6th.

A Challenge for the Media to Counter ‘Burn the Quran Day’, Huffington Post, May 3rd.

Bostonians Will Transcend Fear After Marathon Bombings, Huffington Post, April 25th.

Allah or God, It Doesn’t Matter to Me, Huffington Post, April 22nd.

Finding Tolerance in Akbar, the Philosopher-King, Newsweek, April 15th.

Another Way to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, Huffington Post, March 15th.

George Washington Was a Friend of Muslims, Huffington Post, January 18th.

HuffPo: George Washington Was Just Like the Prophet MuhammadFox Nation, January 13th.

An Unlikely Connection Between the Prophet Muhammad and George Washington WASHINGTONHuffington Post, January 10th.


Building Bridges at the U.S. Embassy in London, Huffington Post, December 26th (Also in Pakistan Link).

It’s Anti-American to Care About the President’s Religion, The Clarion Ledger (Mississippi), November 6th.

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One Film 9/11 Initiative Can Make a Difference, Pakistan Link, October 4. (Urdu version)

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One Film 9/11 Can Make a Difference, Islamophobia Today, September 26.

How 9/11 Changed Religion in America, Huffington Post, September 11.

Tea Party Founder Overlooked Muslims’ Sacrifice For U.S, Arizona Capitol Times, August 3.

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HomelessIrish Independent,  14 December.

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‘Journey into America’ Unleashes a Challenge for AmericansThe American Muslim, June 2.

Lieberman’s Dangerous and Hypocritical “Citizenship Strip” Legislation, World Can’t Wait, May 7.

Pentagon Puts WikiLeaks in its SightWorld Can’t Wait, April 7.

Obama: Continuing Bush’s War Crimes With Drone Bombing Campaign, World Can’t Wait, April 1.

Empire and OkinawaWorld Can’t Wait, March 28.

Suspected Militants,” World Can’t Wait, March 27.

U.S. Brings Democracy to Iraq? Hardly,  World Can’t Wait, March 11.

Over 1,000,000 Dead Iraqis From 2003 U.S. Led Invasion,  World Can’t Wait, March 8.

2009 Toll of NATO Air Strikes: 131 Dead ChildrenWorld Can’t Wait, February 26.

McChrystyal’s Murderous Afghan “Protection” Racket – Death Toll Climbs to 27World Can’t Wait.  February 23.

NATO Commanders on Afghan Civilian Deaths: Rockets “Hit Their Intended Targets,” World Can’t Wait, February 17.

The Reaper and Predator Drones: “Twin Terrorizers of U.S. and U.K.,” World Can’t Wait, February 10.

Autopsy Report in Michigan: Imam Shot 21 Times By PoliceWorld Can’t Wait, February 4.

Making Enemies, Or, the Murderous Hypocrisy of Drone StrikesWorld Can’t Wait, February 1.


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