Personal: A letter I received today

Dear Craig,


Thank you for taking the time to come and visit me. Thank you for your kind note.

I really enjoyed meeting you. I have a sixth sense about people. Or perhaps a visceral feeling. Even enough I met you for a few minutes, I knew you would be an interesting person. And I was correct.

I would like to meet you again. Unfortunately I have misplaced the number you wrote on a card. It was your parents phone number.

I am leaving for California tomorrow. I will return on Friday (Sept 3rd). So please call me on Tuesday Sept 4.

I am very interested in visiting the sanctuary or park in Newton you talked about. In a metropolitan area flooded with noise and human pollution finding an oasis of tranquility is a true blessing.

Hope I hear from you soon.

Best wishes

From a world renowned doctor and one of the most enlightening human beings in the world. I swear.

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