Personal: The drive

There’s this drive within me.  I think it’s in my soul.  It’s always been with me.  I didn’t create it, though I certainly create from it.  It was given to me, but I don’t know when or by whom.  This drive is a mystery, though I’m certain that it pushes me forward and never backward.…… Continue reading Personal: The drive


Personal: Wrapping up the summer of 2012

  I’m heading to Logan Airport in a bit to fly back to Dublin.  It’s hard to believe that I’m starting the third year of my Ph.D.  Time flies when you’re busy and having fun. The summer of 2012 was a great one. I spent it relaxing and chilling mostly with my family. I can’t…… Continue reading Personal: Wrapping up the summer of 2012


Poem: Akbar

*Dedicated to Professor Akbar Ahmed He serves esoteric and philosophic truths, across the traditions, in pursuit of those truths, so that the darkness can be lifted, and the light can shine through. © Craig Considine


The short speech I never read

I wrote this speech (with a few typos) before launching Journey into America, which was screened at the Washington D.C. Convention Center.  I ended up not even reading it.  I was under the impression that we (researchers) were going to be asked to say a few words in front of the audience.  This was never…… Continue reading The short speech I never read


(Video) Part 1: Glencolumbkille and beyond

Creative writing

Quoted: Whitman, Tagore, and Rumi

I just picked up Eboo Patel’s Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation at New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton, Massachusetts.  To be honest, I wasn’t searching for it; I pretty much stumbled across it randomly in the extremely small ‘Islam’ section (it’s small…… Continue reading Quoted: Whitman, Tagore, and Rumi


Rome Was Not Built Overnight

Something, though I can’t put my finger precisely on it, has come over my being within just a few days.  My hours, as of late, have been one’s dedicated to my studies and thoughts regarding morality, and more particularly, the life I have been striving to maintain for quite some time now.  Hardly any of…… Continue reading Rome Was Not Built Overnight