Personal: Manifesto from 2008

January 4th, 2008, Royal Holloway

Lately, I have been engaged in learning about the life of one of America’s Founding Fathers: Thomas Jefferson.  His writings have inspired me to live a more moral and virtuous life.  Oftentimes, I cease to ponder on my character and conduct, so it is humbling to learn about my self through someone else.

Last night, I was puzzled over a recollection of mine.  For some odd reason or another, I found myself questioning my development as a young man (of just 22) since my entrance into college some five years ago.  In examining my own time spent, I also turned back the clock (so to say) and analyzed the outlook I had on life prior to leaving Needham for the first time.

When I first grasped the shape of society and the behavior of those people in it, I was just a middle schooler.  Teenagers are ever so concerned with their reputation and their appearance.  Nor are children of this age overly concerned with their reputation and their appearance.  Nor are children of this age overly concerned with their future prospects, while caring little about being successful.  I, on the one hand, made sure that I did not succumb to peer pressure and other temptations that children of this age indulge in.

High school was similar for me as well.  I made sure I stayed true to myself, even though I did indulge occasionally on a night out with some local hooligans.

The purpose of this entry is to note the changes I have withered throughout the recent years and to examine where I am currently at in this present stage.  I honestly believe that through I have been remarkably successful in college, a part of my soul has been tarnished because I have followed success at many means, while losing sight of what is really important: morality and virtue.  I am utterly convinced that a happy and successful life has nothing to do with your job occupation or income, but rather your level of content with yourself.  From this day on, I will strive to live a more full and complete life while not being poisoned by this self-interested society we live in.


January 4th, 2008

Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom

12:00 am, Royal Holloway

Runnymede Hall

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